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This really warmed my heart

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“Imperfection Is Beauty.": When you’ve been in love with this person for so long, you’re never... →


When you’ve been in love with this person for so long, you’re never gonna be able to get over him in like, a month. Yes, you can lie to yourself and delude yourself into thinking that it’s possible, but really, no. 

Of course, it’s not as if you have to spend years. Or months. There are stages. Placements. Periods. When you decide to stand up and move on, you have gotten the biggest problem out of the way. It’s the beginning of a recovery, the start of another life, and the end to that chapter. But that’s not the end of it. 

You know how when you get this really bad injury? Like a concussion, or a gash of some sort; you take time to heal, then when it’s healed, there is a scar as a memento, but you know better than to reopen that scar again. Sometimes, you may just go running for trouble, and it may take you five or six times before you actually learn. I took five or six times, but well, the lesson will sink in sooner or later. 

But there are also those little cuts you get now and then. Those little paper cuts that sting like shit when you’re showering, or those bruises that look deceivingly harmless but drive you crazy when you whack them against the door. 

When someone has been so important to you for too long, you may have gotten the biggest injury out of your sight, but there are always those little things that hurt more than they actually look. Their hairstyle, maybe. He may have changed his hairstyle, but everywhere you go, the moment you spot it on someone else, your heart just skips a beat, almost in fear. You may have learned to not deliberately seek him out in the mass of people, you’ll still find those attributes in other people. 

His hair, his skin colour, his walking style, his eyes…they are the little paper cuts that come back to haunt you when you think everything’s safe. 

It’s not that you’re still hung up over him. But when you really have cared for someone too long, things just stay. I wonder if they’ll ever go away so they’ll never affect you again. 

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This is my favorite page in ‘The Twits’ & has always stuck with me.


This is my favorite page in ‘The Twits’ & has always stuck with me.

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Capturing Casandra (by fadingfreckles)


Capturing Casandra (by fadingfreckles)

August 16, 2012 at 11:18pm
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Ice Cream Softies by dawn tan


Ice Cream Softies by dawn tan

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I do know how to prioritize.


I do. And I’m not going to let 6 weeks make me regret a whole year. I’m just not going to let that happen. I won’t. Even if it means giving everything else up.